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Happy Mouth Bits D Ring Copper Roller Horse Bits

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Happy Mouth Bits D Ring Copper Roller Horse Bits

Happy Mouth Bits Copper Roller D Ring Horse Bit. Pure copper is a soft, warm metal. By using copper in the centre of the mouthpiece and combining a soft plastic mouthpiece bit acceptance is improved. The taste of copper encourages horses to salivate and keep a moist mouth having a very positive effect by promoting relaxation and softening.  Benefits of Happy Mouth Bits come from a revolutionary design with an apple scented space age polymer mouthpiece to provide comfort and improve control

Copper Roller Bits have the addition of 99.9% pure copper in the center roller of the mouthpiece of the Copper Roller Bit Collection further improves acceptance of the bit, and promotes relaxation and softening of the horse’s mouth.

D Ring Bits have rings shaped like a D, the King Dee’s flat side provides slight lateral guiding, and also prevents the bit being pulled through the mouth. King Dees are most popular in the hunter ring, but can be seen in racing, eventing or dressage.