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Coxleigh Discount Card

Welcome To Our Coxleigh Discount Card

Coxleigh Barton Discount Card   
 What Are The Benefits
  • 10% OFF In Store Purchases. (Excludes FEED AND BEDDING and discounted items)

Who Is Eligible For A Coxleigh Discount Card
Our Coxleigh Discount Card is valid to current liveries and staff of Coxleigh Barton.

Who Is Eligible For A Coxleigh Discount Card
As long as you are over 16 and a current livery or member of staff at Coxleigh Barton then you are eligible for one of our Coxleigh Discount Cards.   If you are a family group then each member of the family can have their own Coxleigh Discount Card.

Our under 16 customers are eligible for our Junior Discount Cards.

How Do I Claim My Discount Card

When you become a new livery or staff member simply collect your Card from Coxleigh Barton and pop into us to have it activated.

How Long Does It Last For

Our Coxleigh Discount Card is active for as long as you are a current livery or member of the Coxleigh Staff.   

How To Use Your Coxleigh Discount Card
Simply present the card at the till and we will apply our current discounts from your purchase. 

 If I Lose My Card

No problem we can start a new card for you, just ask when you next pop in

Can I Use My Card Online

Unfortunately not the card is only able to be used in store.

Will I Still Earn My Rider Reward Points?

Yes as long as you use your account when making your purchase you will earn Reward Points.

  • Discounts, Offers and Promotions valid against this card will be shown here
  • Loyalty Points under the Rider Reward scheme will still be earnt 
  • Discount applies to any item purchased in store including feed and bedding
  • Discount is NOT redeemable against sale items or other discounted items
  • Discounts may not be used against Barnstaple Equestrian Online store 
  • Card holder must hold an account with us
  • Card must be presented in order for discount to be applied
  • Card is valid to current liveries and staff only of Coxleigh Barton
  • Discounts may not be passed along to other patrons

We reserve the right to edit these terms from time to time.

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