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Welcome to Barnstaple Equestrian Supplies community group. Here we encourage our customers to share their businesses, skills and events with others. ...
Heygates Rabbit's Choice PelletsHeygates Rabbit's Choice pellets are a superior quality 3mm pellet.&..
Ex Tax: £9.04

Champion Titanium Ti22 Body Protectors Childs Level 3 Body Protectors - 2018 Unisex flexible..
Ex Tax: £120.00

Champion Titanium Ti22 Body Protectors Adult Level 3 Body Protectors - 2018 Unisex flexible ..
Ex Tax: £154.17

Heygates Flockmaster 18 NutsA quality diet suitable for most feeding systems depending on the qualit..
Ex Tax: £8.50

Spillers Senior Super-MashFast soaking fibre blend, ideal for all senior horses & ponies, especi..
Ex Tax: £13.50

HyVIZ Reflector Riding Hat CoversA fluorescent yellow lycra hat silk, made up of 6 panels for a tail..
Ex Tax: £11.66

QHP Crystal Riding Boot Clips LupineDo you think your boots are a little dull or do you like to chan..
Ex Tax: £9.99

QHP Crystal Belts LupineBlack leather belt finished with dispersed rhinestones and stainless steel b..
Ex Tax: £33.33

QHP Dressage Arena Cones Expansion Letters 20 x 60Expansion set of four cones to make a 20 x 60 m dr..
Ex Tax: £16.66

QHP Dressage Arena ConesTurns every field into a dressage arena. Easy to position, lightweight and s..
Ex Tax: £24.99

QHP Crystal Stirrup Leathers LupineStirrup leather finished with dispersed grey rhinestones on the t..
Ex Tax: £33.33

QHP Crystal Browbands LupineUnique brow band which is covered with diamond rhinestones which are s..
Ex Tax: £24.99


Order your horse feed and bedding quickly and easily. Don't forget you earn points to spend in our shop on all feed and bedding orders placed online.

Riding Hats Champion, Gatehouse, KEP, Charles Owen

Body Protectors Champion Safetywear, Racesafe, USG, Aerowear

Riding Footwear

Pure Wood PelletsMade from 100% virgin wood these are a top quality horse bedding. Once placed in co..
text_tax £5.42

Equine H Hay - Small Bagged Hay EQUINE H All our hay is grown on our own farm and the meadow hay ..
text_tax £5.50

Equine H Pink Meadow Haylage - Small Bagged Haylage EQUINE H is produced from a mixture of perenn..
text_tax £6.99

Equine H Haylage - Small Bagged Haylage EQUINE H is produced from a mixture of perennial and Ital..
text_tax £6.99

Burlybed (Miscanthus) Horse Bedding Bales Burleybed is made from 100% Miscanthus and use..
text_tax £5.85

Bedmax Shavings Horse Bedding BEDMAX shavings are large flake pine shavings, purpose made to pr..
text_tax £7.58

Heygates Horse and Pony Nuts 20Kg 11% PROTEIN, 19% FIBRE A non heating high fibre ration based..
text_tax £6.90

Alfa-A Original - 20Kg Bags ALFA-A ORIGINAL is the original pure alfalfa fibre fee..
text_tax £13.95

Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Chaff 15kg New improved formula!  Our chaff now has extra digest..
text_tax £16.80

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