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Equilibrium FIELD RELIEF Maxi Fly Masks

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Color: Grey
Horse Sizes: X Small

Equilibrium Field Relief Maxi Fly Masks

Equilibrium fly masks offer Unrivalled summer protection from flies for your horses

Field relief® Max is a full face net designed to fit the horse from the tips of its ears to the end of its muzzle. Perfect for horses that suffer from sunburnt noses as it helps protect the delicate muzzle area. It is also ideal for horses and ponies in high fly and midge infested areas.

  • Forms an effective barrier from flies & midges
  • Blocks up to 80% of UV rays, protecting against sunburn
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Soft sponge padding on the nose and brow areas prevents rubbing
  • Adjustable and detachable nosepiece allows the mask to be tailored exactly to the horse
  • Excellent visibility
  • Perfect for sensitive horses or those in high midge and fly infested areas
  • Donkey mask also available to help protect large donkey ears from flies and midges

It is very important that you keep the MAX mask clean, not only to maintain a good comfort level for the horse but also to ensure that the horse can see out of the mask. If the mesh becomes blocked with dirt this will seriously affect your horse’s ability to see.

Why does my horse snort and blow his nose when wearing the mask? 
This will usually mean the nosepiece is sitting too low. Remove the mask, alter the length of the nosepiece and put back on the horse.
How long can my horse wear the mask? All day but it does need to be removed and checked daily in case of irritation.

Care Instructions
Wash in warm water using a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Do not tumble dry or dry over direct heat such as radiators. Do not wring or spin. Keep clean to avoid irritation.
Rinse the nosepiece daily.