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Heygate Flaked Maize

Heygate Flaked MaizeMaize is a cereal just like oats and barley and is the ingredient that looks a bit like corn flakes in your ponys mix, in fact in America maize is commonly called corn. Maize i..

£9.99 £9.25 Ex Tax: £9.25

Heygates Commercial Rabbit Pellets

Heygates Commercial Rabbit PelletsA similar high specification to the Rabbit's Choice pellets with a coccidiostat added to help prevent disease.  This product is designed for use by commercial br..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Heygates Conditioning Cubes 20Kg

Heygates Conditioning Cubes 20KgHeygates Conditioning Cubes are a versatile ration for adding and keeping condition on all horse and ponies. A live yeast supplement is included to improve fibre di..

£11.05 £10.15 Ex Tax: £10.15

Heygates Goat Country Herb Mix

Heygates Goat Country Herb MixCountry Herb Goat Mix is a premium lightly molassed coarse mixture suitable for most adult goats. The ingredients include lightly rolled oats to provide energy and dig..

£12.25 Ex Tax: £12.25

Heygates Llama and Alpaca Mix

Heygates Llama and Alpaca MixLLAMA & ALPACA MIX 16% PROTEIN , 9% FIBRE Heygates Lllama Mix is a premium molassed coarse mixture suitable for llamas and alpacas. The ingredients include steam c..

£12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50

Heygates Quick Grow Lamb Pellets

Heygates Quick Grow Lamb PelletsQuick Grow Lamb pellets are available in loose bulk or 20kg bags.Heygates Quick Grow can be used as a creep feed or fed ad lib to finish lambs at 12 to 14 weeks of ..

£6.75 Ex Tax: £6.75

Heygates Rabbit's Choice Pellets

Heygates Rabbit's Choice PelletsHeygates Rabbit's Choice pellets are a superior quality 3mm pellet.  The carefully selected raw materials include locally produced cereals fortified with proteins,..

£11.75 Ex Tax: £11.75

Heygates Rolled Oats - 20Kg

Heygates Rolled Oats - 20Kg ..

£10.50 £9.75 Ex Tax: £9.75

Heygates Twilight Years Mix 20Kg

Heygates Twilight Years Mix 20KgA superior quality coarse mixture for the older horse. Twilight Years is balanced for protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to supply the particular nutritional re..

£12.50 £11.75 Ex Tax: £11.75