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Riding stirrups are an essential part of horseback riding equipment. Stirrups serve several purposes:

  1. Foot Support: They provide a stable platform for the rider's feet, allowing them to maintain balance and control while riding.

  2. Security also known as Safety: Stirrups help prevent the rider's feet from slipping out of position, especially during fast or rough riding conditions.

  3. Aids in Balance: By placing their feet in the stirrups, riders can distribute their weight more evenly and maintain better balance while riding.

  4. Aids in Communication: Proper use of stirrups can help the rider communicate with the horse through subtle shifts in weight and pressure.

Our stirrups come in various designs and materials, including traditional metal, synthetic materials, and even specialized ergonomic designs for comfort and performance.  We have a range of stirrups that may be customized with features such as, coloured inserts, rubber treads or safety mechanisms to prevent the foot from slipping through in case of a fall.

Properly adjusted and used stirrups are crucial for the safety and effectiveness of horseback riding,   For extra protection we also offer a range of safety stirrups that assist the foot to quickly release from the stirrup.

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