Covid-19 Hat & Body Protector Fittings

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Barnstaple Equestrian Supplies Covid-19 PPE Fittings Procedure

We have carefully assessed whether the fitting of Personal Protective Equipment For Horse Riders during the Corona pandemic  is necessary.  We have decided that we are able to legally and safely offer this type of fitting service. By following our Covid-19 PPE fitting procedure,  we are able to comply with the current Government and our trade association (BETA) Guidelines.


  1. Fittings will only be carried out by Gilly Payne, who is our most experienced fitter.
  2. Fittings are offered on an appointment only basis.  If you turn up without an appointment and we feel we cannot comply with our procedure, we will ask you to return after making an appointment.
  3. You confirm that you and anyone your bring, have not been ill or suffered from any corona symptoms for 14 days prior to your appointment, or knowingly been in contact with someone who has.
  4. Due to the nature of fitting we might need to be closer than the 2m rule so PPE will need to be worn by both you and your fitter. You need to bring your own PPE with you.  If the customer being fitted is unable to wear PPE then this means we will be unable to be closer than the 2m rule.
  5. You may bring 1 other member of your household.  This person can assist with any close contact.
  6. If you DO NOT purchase on the day there is a small charge of £20 to cover our costs in the process of de-contamination items you have tried on.  This ensures we can provide you with a fully Covid Compliant service keeping everyone safe but still enabling you to try on a good range of items.  If you purchase an item that has been fitted by us within 1 week of the fitting you then receive a £20 discount off your purchase.    When being fitted for a bespoke hat such as KEP or Samshields we ask for a small deposit of £30 whilst you might need time to decide on your design.  This is none refundable should you then not progress with the purchase of the hat.
  7. It is not essential to have a fitting,  so for some great prices you can always just go ahead and place your order online.  Our in store prices, however, reflect the time we take and our expertise in fitting you with the correct items.



  8. Prior to your appointment, we will establish the style and size of your preferred product. 

    Here Charles Owen Riding Hats show us how to measure your head.
    Fitting A Charles Owen Riding Hat During Corona Pandemic
  9. We will have a selection of preferred products ready, thereby minimising the appointment time.  You can view our range of riding hats and body protectors on our website

    Airowear Body Protectors
    Champion Equestrian Wear
    Charles Owen Riding Hats
    Dublin Riding Hats
    Samshield Riding Hats
    KEP Riding Hats
  10. We ask that you are wearing long sleeves and trousers to avoid un-necessary skin contact.

  11. Once you arrive please sanitize your hands and put on your facemask prior to coming in.
  12. Just inside on the right there is a designated area for you to stand whilst undertaking the appointment.  We may also carry out fittings outside if weather allows.
  13. You will be asked to remain in the designated fitting area during your appointment.
  14. We will start by confirming your requirements.
  15. We will aim to conduct fittings outside of the 2m rule and only if we feel we need to be closer will we do so, with your agreement and when the customers is wearing the required mask, if they are not already wearing it.
  16. We will ask you to place items tried on to one side as we do not handle these again. Once we have an item that is your choice you then take to our till yourself to avoid us touching any products you have tried on.
  17. We have a form for you to sign confirming satisfaction in the fitting of the item.
  18. Appointments are limited to a maximum of 40 minutes.

  19. Any items you have touched are placed to one side, these are then left and not returned to the shop floor until the items have been sanitised.
  20. Finally we hope you enjoy your new purchase.

If you need an out of hours appoinment then please let us know your availability and we will try to accomodate your time.



  • Safety Equipment Cannot Be Returned Once It Leaves Our Shop which is why we take time to ensure you are perfectly happy with your purchase.
  • There Is A Charge of £20 if you do not buy on the day This is reimbursed if within 1 week you buy exactly the same item.
  • Our Prices are different to online This reflects the time and cost of sanitising items tried on.
  • We recommend that your rider safety equipment is always kept in a dry area at room temperature and store on appropriate hangers, in a bag or on a shelf. You should regularly check the retention harness, straps, zips and other fastenings. Always replace them on impact.
  • We invite you to make use of our complimentary Rider Safety Equipment Checking Service every 12 months or sooner if you have a query or require product advice. Please note that we can check the garment fit but not its internal damage/integrity.

Thank you for your appointment and prospective purchase and we wish you many happy hours of safer and enjoyable riding.

Attending your appointment is acceptance of the above terms.







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