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Beets and Pulps

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Beets and Pulps

Beets, specifically sugar beets, can be used in horse feed as a source of dietary fiber and energy. However, it's important to understand how they are used and their nutritional impact on horses.

Beet Pulp: Beet pulp is a byproduct of sugar beet processing. After extracting sugar from sugar beets, the remaining pulp is dried and often used as a feed ingredient for horses and other livestock. Beet pulp is low in sugar and starch but high in digestible fiber.

Sugar Beet pulp can be a valuable addition to a horse's diet as a source of fiber and energy, particularly when used appropriately and in conjunction with a balanced feeding program tailored to the individual horse's requirements.

While low in sugar, beet pulp provides a moderate amount of energy, making it a useful addition to the diet for horses needing extra calories without excess sugar.   It is important to read the manufacturers instructions relating to soaking times.

Beet pulp is not a complete feed and should be supplemented with other sources of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and protein to meet your horse's overall dietary requirements.

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