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Nettex Summer Fly Cream Freedom From Flies

Nettex Summer Fly Cream

Nettex Summer Fly Cream - Nettex Itch Salve Summer Salve Fly Creams

Nettex Summer Fly Cream is readily absorbed and is a non-greasy formulation that does not dry the skin.

Nettex Summer Fly Cream wins 2022 Best Value Award.

Nettex Summer Fly Cream has been awarded the Horse and Rider 2022 Best Value Fly Creams and Gels award. Taking the top spot against competitor products, Nettex Summer Fly Cream was recognised for being effective, easy to apply, and excellent value for money – a true bonus with today’s current living costs.

As the winning product Nettex Summer Fly Cream was rigorously put through its paces throughout the summer months last year and is awarded for its protection against flies and midges. The Nettex Summer Fly Cream’s long-lasting effects are due to its DEET based formula, which is well known for its efficacy. 

Although twice daily application of Nettex Summer Fly Cream is recommended, some testers found that applying Nettex Summer Fly Cream once a day use still offered great results, making the tub last longer.

Product manager at Nettex Equine, Ellie Cashmore, says “Winning the Best Value award is very special, we know that life is expensive at the moment, so having products like Nettex Summer Fly Cream which offer great value to horse owners is important to us. We are very proud of our Nettex Summer Fly Cream, a firm favourite in the range, and we’re thrilled it has gained this recognition alongside other highly rated products in the range.”

The Nettex Summer Fly Cream is praised for its moisturising effects which is particularly useful for horses who are prone to dry skin. Nettex Summer Fly Cream includes lanolin and glycerine which soften the skin and condition the hair. It is also commended for its consistency - being thick enough that it doesn’t drip and only a small amount needed for thorough coverage.

Fly creams such as Nettex Summer Fly Cream are ideal for use on areas which are hard to cover with fly-sprays such as the muzzle, around the eyes and ears and under the belly, which are also areas heavily targeted by flies. Nettex Equine is encouraging horse owners to use a fly cream as part of their fly management strategy. Dr Jim Rawlinson MRCVS, Veterinary Adviser and Nettex expert offers a hub of advice over on the Nettex website and can be found at

Nettex Summer Fly Cream - Nettex Itch Salve Protection Against Flies

Nettex Summer Fly Cream Directions For Use.

Always patch test an area first with Nettex Summer Fly Cream and wait 48 hours. If a reaction occurs stop use immediately.

Apply Nettex Summer Fly Cream in early morning and again early evening if necessary, after heavy rainfall or if horse has rolled excessively.

Do not apply Nettex Summer Fly Cream during heat of midday sun when skin pores may be open from sweating as may cause a reaction.

Apply Nettex Summer Fly Cream with a soft cloth or sponge by wiping over horses neck and body. This will prevent flying insect attack.

Suitable for use around eyes, nose, ears and dock avoiding direct contact with eyes and mucous membranes or broken skin.

Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin. Not recommended for use under saddles, fly rugs or fly masks as may cause irritation.

The intensity varies depending on the individual, ranging from minimal notability to irritability. Most cases are mild, but in rare instances, redness and tenderness may occur. If experiencing any additional side effects, discontinue use and consult a medical professional. Please report any additional side effects to customer care.

Nettex Summer Fly Cream Ingredients

Key ingredients: 
N-Diethyl-M- Tolumide, 
P-Menthane 3.8-diol, 

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The Nettex Fly Control range offers repellents in the form of creams and sprays covering the needs of all horses and ponies, even those with sensitive skin.


Nettex Itch Stop Salve / Summer Freedom is an advanced salve which helps repel and protect against insects and biting flies. This patented formulation is used successfully in over 20 countries worldwide every year.

  • Preventative strategies are the key to itch control.
  • Use early in the year before the season starts with a once weekly application.
  • Soothes, sanitises and disinfects existing sores helping to break the itch, scratch and rub cycle.
  • Repels against new bites and supports hair regrowth.
  • Weather resistant, simple to apply and will not matt the horse’s hair.
  • 600ml tub can last for up to 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Can be applied around sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, sheath and teats.

Fly creams such as NETTEX SUMMER FLY CREAM are ideal for use on areas on your horse which are hard to cover with fly-sprays such as the muzzle, around the eyes and ears and under the belly, which are also areas heavily targeted by flies.

Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced Fly Sprays For Horses

Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced is a popular and trusted product containing powerful and long-lasting repellent. Effectively repels flies, stable flies, and all biting insects, keeping your horse or pony comfortable and happy at all times.

  • D.E.E.T based formulation.
  • Added moisturisers, conditioners and natural extracts to assist with the longevity of repellency.
  • Ideal for use where horses and ponies are kept in problem areas such as around ponds, streams and waterways that are heavily burdened with biting insects.

DEET In Fly Sprays For Horses

What is DEET anyway? It sounds so mysterious, but it isn’t! DEET is simply the common name for N,N-Diethyl-m-toluamide. It’s been in use as an effective insect repellent since it was developed by the U.S. Army in 1946.

DEET interferes with neurons and receptors located on the mosquito’s antennae and mouth-parts that detect chemicals such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide. 


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