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It's Shedding Horse Season! How Best To Manage Your Horse Shedding Their Coat

It's Shedding Horse Season!  How Best To Manage Your Horse Shedding Their Coat

BES - Managing Director - Gilly |

As the Spring and Autumn seasons approach, horse owners may notice a change in their equine companion's coat. This natural process, known as moulting, plays a crucial role in helping horses adapt to the changing temperatures. Let's delve into the science behind horse moulting and how it affects your horse's winter coat.

What is Horse Moulting?

Horse moulting is the shedding of the horse's coat to make way for a new one. This process is triggered by the changing daylight hours and temperature shifts that signal the horse's body to prepare for the upcoming season. Moulting typically occurs in the spring and fall, but some horses may also experience a winter moulting phase.

Why Do Horses Molt in Winter?

During the winter months, horses grow a thicker coat to provide insulation and protection from the cold. As the temperatures begin to warm up in preparation for spring, the horse's body starts shedding the winter coat to allow for a lighter, cooler coat to grow in its place. This shedding process helps regulate the horse's body temperature and ensures they are comfortable in changing weather conditions.

How Can Horse Owners Help?

While moulting is a natural process, horse owners can support their horses by providing proper grooming and nutrition. Regular grooming sessions with a shedding blade or curry comb can help remove loose hair and stimulate the shedding process. Additionally, ensuring your horse has a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients will support healthy coat growth and moulting.


Understanding the science behind horse moulting and the shedding of the winter coat is essential for horse owners to provide the best care for their equine companions. By recognizing the natural process of moulting and supporting your horse with proper grooming and nutrition, you can help them transition smoothly from winter to spring with a healthy, shiny coat.

How To Help Your Horse Shed It's Coat

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