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Wild Bird Food

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Johnston & Jeff Sunflower Hearts 20kg

Johnston & Jeff Sunflower Hearts 20kgJohnston and Jeff Sunflower Hearts are a husk free product which are 100% edible by birds and therefore leave little waste. They are particularly popular amon..

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Johnston and Jeff Wild Bird Food

Johnston and Jeff Wild Bird FoodThe Johnston and Jeff Wild Bird Food is a year-round seed blend with a good ratio of black oil sunflower seed..

£19.50 Ex Tax: £19.50

Nature's Feast Nyjer Seed For Wild Birds 1.75kg

Nature's Feast Nyjer Seed For Wild Birds 1.75kgAnother of our growing range of wild bird food includes Nyjer Seeds. This oil rich seed is a firm favourite with all finches but especially Goldfinches..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £6.25

Supa Dried Mealworms

Supa Dried MealwormsWe have a growing range of feeds for wildbirds and since birds enjoy dried mealworms so much they just had to be on our bird table menu.Always have a supply of fresh water availabl..

£3.99 Ex Tax: £3.33

Wild Bird Feed Peanuts

Wild Bird Feed PeanutsThese wild bird peanuts are high in essential protein and oil content for long term health and energy. The peanuts are aflatoxin tested and safe for your garden birds...

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