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Heygates Twilight Years Mix 20Kg

Heygates Twilight Years Mix 20KgA superior quality coarse mixture for the older horse. Twilight Years is balanced for protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to supply the particular nutritional re..

£10.55 Ex Tax: £10.55

Pure Feed Company Pure Condition

Pure Feed Company Pure ConditionPure Condition is full of slow-release calories to help keep your horse calm whilst improving condition for the optimum body fat, muscle tone and overall development. I..

£16.80 Ex Tax: £16.80

Pure Feed Company Pure Condition Pellets

Pure Feed Company Pure Condition PelletsPure Condition Pellets have a high oil content to promote weight gain and maintain condition. In their pelleted form, they are designed to help tempt fussy eate..

£16.99 Ex Tax: £16.99

Pure Feed Company Pure Easy

Pure Feed Company Pure EasyPure Easy is a low calorie, high fibre feed, and it is fully fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure your horse gets everything it needs. It is a perfect choice for e..

£14.85 Ex Tax: £14.85

Pure Feed Company Pure Stud

Pure Feed Company Pure StudPure Stud contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals in a Pure formula that still retains high fibre, quality protein and low starch content. This makes it ideal for br..

£15.95 Ex Tax: £15.95

Pure Feed Performance

Pure Feed PerformancePure Performance delivers doubly on energy. As well as our usual preferred slow-release energy source of oil, this feed also contains high-quality whole oats. These oats provi..

£15.95 Ex Tax: £15.95

Spillers Stud and Youngstock Mix

Spillers Stud and Youngstock MixSpillers Stud and Yungstock is suitable for youngstock between 2 weeks and 2 years, pregnant or lactating mares and stallions. Contains ideal sources of protein to ..

£14.55 Ex Tax: £14.55

Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Muesli

Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Muesli A high fibre forage based feed suitable as a carrier for Thunderbrook Base Mix, Daily Essentials or other Thunderbrook supplements. Also suitable as a forage ..

£22.45 Ex Tax: £22.45

Topspec Turbo Flakes

Topspec Turbo Flakes Turbo Flakes are formulated to include cereal grains and therefore provides ‘fast-releasing’ energy. This highly innovative muesli ble..

£16.99 Ex Tax: £16.99

Allen & Page Stud Youngstock Mix

Stud & Youngstock Mix Keeping The Family Fit  • Formulated to meet the higher nutritional demands of broodmares during pregnancy and lactation • Can also..

£16.45 Ex Tax: £16.45

Allen & Page Ride and Relax

Allen & Page Ride & RelaxStay Cool Without The Barley For horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work A light muesli mix with added mint for palatability Provides good l..

£13.95 Ex Tax: £13.95

Saracen Enduro 100

Saracen Enduro 100 SUITABLE FOR Meeting the nutritional demands of the equine athlete from high level Dressage to Endurance Horses that require energy to be provided in a slow release format via ..

£16.49 Ex Tax: £16.49

Dodson & Horrell Sixteen Plus Mix

Dodson & Horrell Sixteen Plus Mix For the older horse or pony showing signs of aging or weight loss, Sixteen Plus Mix is the muesli approved and fed by The Veteran Horse Society. Specifically..

£14.45 Ex Tax: £14.45

Spillers Cool Mix

SPILLERS Cool Mix™ A non-heating* mix, suitable for horses and ponies with low to medium energy requirements. Contains magnesium known for its calming properties. Carefully controlled ..

£11.89 Ex Tax: £11.89

Spillers Competition Mix

SPILLERS Competition Mix Contains a balanced source of both instant and slow releasing energy to help your horse or pony to perform at their best. Includes the antioxidant vitamins E and..

£12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50

Spillers Conditioning Mix

SPILLERS Conditioning Mix Ideal for horses and ponies that tend to be excitable on traditional conditioning feeds. Carefully controlled levels of cereal starch and sugar will help promo..

£15.45 Ex Tax: £15.45

Spillers Senior Conditioning Mix

SPILLERS Senior Conditioning Mix Contains extra calories and protein making it ideal for active senior horses or those that require more topline and condition. Includes small pellets to ..

£15.99 Ex Tax: £15.99

Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix

Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix Pasture Mix is Britain’s favourite, original oat free coarse mix, formulated to give your horse sparkle, but without the fizz. Specifically formulated for horses an..

£13.25 Ex Tax: £13.25

Baileys No. 17 Top Line Conditioning Mix

Baileys No. 17 Top Line Conditioning Mix   KEY FEATURES Highly digestible, oat-free, high oil, with Yea-Sacc WORKLOAD Rest, light, moderate, hard ..

£15.65 Ex Tax: £15.65

Baileys No. 15 Senior Mix

Baileys No. 15 Senior Mix   KEY FEATURES Highly digestible, conditioning, elevated nutrient levels WORKLOAD Rest, light, moderate KEY..

£14.25 Ex Tax: £14.25

Baileys No. 6 All-Round Endurance Mix

No. 6 All-Round Endurance Mix   KEY FEATURES High fibre, high oil, slow release energy WORKLKOAD Moderate, hard KEY INGREDIENTS Super..

£16.30 Ex Tax: £16.30

Baileys No. 9 All-Round Competition Mix

Baileys No. 9 All-Round Competition Mix All-Round Competition Mix is a highly digestible, nutrient dense mix which provides a combination of energy sources including fibre, oil and cereals to ensur..

£14.25 Ex Tax: £14.25

Dodson & Horrell Build Up Mix

Dodson & Horrell Build Up Mix Build Up Conditioning Mix is a high calorie muesli which contains a topline formula for horses and ponies that need to put on weight and condition in a controlled ..

£15.35 £13.45 Ex Tax: £13.45

Dodson & Horrell Competition Mix

Dodson & Horrell Competition Mix Quick release energy for power and performance ..

£13.85 Ex Tax: £13.85