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Beets BHF Fibre Beet

BHF Fibre Beet Alfalfa and Oat FibreFibre-Beet is a carefully formulated combination of Speed-Beet, alfalfa and oat fibre supplemented with biotin, sodium and calcium. You've got all the benefits of ..

£16.50 £15.99 Ex Tax: £15.99

Beets Speedi Beet

Beets Speedi Beet Sugar Beet PulpA hugely popular across the world and is now available in 20 different countries.Speedi-Beet is sugar beet pulp with no added molasses, which has been subjected to our..

£16.75 £14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Dengie Alfa Beet

Dengie Alfa-Beet Dengie Alfa-Beet is a high-fibre, low sugar and starch, conditioning feed. Ideal for aiding hydration or for older horses and ponies who struggle to chew longer length fibre. Alf..

£15.25 £14.25 Ex Tax: £14.25

Beets Supabeet

Beets Supabeet Molassed Sugar Beet Pellets - 25kg A high digestible fibre energy and palatable pelleted feed, available in bags only. Typical analysis (on a dry matter basis) Dry Matter (%) [?..

£11.99 £11.25 Ex Tax: £11.25

Spillers Speedy Mash Fibre

Spillers Speedy Mash FibreHigh fibre, fast soaking sugar beet blend ideal for all horses and ponies...

£11.85 £10.99 Ex Tax: £10.99

Omega Quick Soak Beet - Speedi Beet Alternative

Omega Quick Soak Beet - Speedi Beet AlternativeQuickSoak Fast Beet is a fast soaking beet pulp flakes specially treated to provide highly digestable fibre that’s low in starch and sugar. Molasses Fre..

£13.99 £10.99 Ex Tax: £10.99

Beets Equibeet Sugar Beet

Equibeet Sugar BeetCurrently Unavailable due to productions delays more stock due in the SpringEquibeet is a highly palatable, high digestible fibre feed for horses and ponies, ideal for promoting gut..

£10.50 £10.25 Ex Tax: £10.25