Tyler Bradshaw Joins Barnstaple Equestrian Supplies

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Tyler Bradshaw Dressage Rider
Tyler Bradshaw
is a professional competition dressage rider and trainer based in Devon.  From her own livery and training centre called Mill Lane Livery and Competition Yard just outside Tiverton, Tyler competes all over the UK as well as being in demand as a trainer here in the South West.

Brought up in Cornwall, Tyler was as we say "born in the saddle", however,  Tyler's journey to becoming a Grand Prix Dressage Rider has not been a conventional one.  Those of us who have followed a similar path of unconventionalism will appreciate that this can bring out the best of talents and strongest of determination.

How many of us have been told, you can't ride, you will never be good enough?  and how many give in to those doubters or do you find the fire inside your heart to come out fighting with the drive to show those voices they were wrong.  If you are lucky enough, one day, you will meet others who see your potential and believe in your goal.  

Up until 20 Tyler would just enjoy her riding with the local riding club and hacking out, being a dressage rider was definitely not on the agenda.  It was not until meeting a gentleman called Jai Bratton who encouraged Tyler to head off to The Talland School of Equitation to train under the very talented Pammy Hutton. For Tyler this was the turning point.

Like others having to pay their way through college Tyler would start early in the morning on the yard at Talland and finish doing a shift at Marks & Spencers.   For close on 2 years Tyler trained and gained an impressive range of qualifications.   On leaving Talland Pammy's words would stay with Tyler, they were "To be a dressage rider you need to go and get yourself a horse"

So with her talent as an instructor and a lot of long days and hard work, finally she had the money to find a horse.    Bert came from Holland as a 4 year old  and we can safely say he has been a challenge,  he came to Tyler with many issues.  Lucky for Bert,  Tyler saw his potential so together and under the guiding hand of Pammy the partnership has grown.

Tyler's dreams are coming true, her talents as an instructor and a national competition dressage rider are being recognised and her career is becoming established.

I see all our sponsored riders as part of our team at Barnstaple Equestrian Supplies but instead of being here in the shop they are out in the field sharing our passion for our wonderful equine friends with you all.

Tyler continues to train alongside the brilliant Pammy Hutton.  Competing in dressage events across the country from British Dressage Novice to Inter 2, Tyler finds time to produce her own horses as well as producing horses for owners up to Grand Prix.

She has had multiple successes not limited to but including:

  • National freestyle champion PSG and elementary 2019
  • Reserve freestyle national champion at advanced medium 2019
  • Reserve champion advanced medium on her own produced 6yro qualifying for winter nationals
  • Attends all premier leagues and high profile events.
  • Top ten small tour championships 2018.
  • Qualified for regionals every year on all of her horses
  • Hickstead international young horse championship top 5 FEI and national class Top 10 Nationals 2018
  • National Champion at the NAF 5 Star Winter Championships 2016
  • Team England individual champion Home International 2016
  • Finalist Le Meiux British Dressage National Championships 2016
  • Under 25 British Dressage national Championships Sheepgate 2015/16
  • NAF 5 Star Winter Championships 2017 top ten
  • Albion young horse championships Badminton 2015/16
  • Sheerwater Young Horse Championships 2016

With this background,  Tyler is our first professional rider to join our team of Sponsored Riders here at Barnstaple Equestrian Supplies. We are absolutely delighted to have such a well respected rider and trainer joining us.

If you would like to know more about how Tyler could be helping you with your riding,  then contact either Tyler or ourselves and we will be delighted to arrange a lesson.


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