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Tack Accessories

Tack Accessories

Tack Accessories

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QHP Nicki Leather Competitor Holders

QHP Nicki Leather Competitor Holders With this chic number holder you'll never be bothered by pesky flapping competition numbers. Finished with a small bit. Provided with numbers a..

£21.50 Ex Tax: £17.92

QHP Patent Leather Competitor Holders

QHP Patent Leather Competitor Holders With this chic number holder you'll never be bothered by pesky flapping competition numbers. Delivered with numbers and easily fastened to a b..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £16.66

QHP Step Up Folding Step Stool

QHP Step Up Folding Step Stool The Step up won't only assit you mounting your horse, but also when braiding of grooming, the step up can come in handy. The stool is foldable, w..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Aluminium Horse Measuring Stick

Aluminium Measuring StickThis is a high quality substantial measuring stick,  measures up to 180cm and has a handy built in spirit level to help ensure your measurements are accurate...

£40.00 Ex Tax: £33.33

Ascot Slip Head & Cheek

Ascot Leather Slip Head & CheekAscot quality leather Slip Head and Cheek to convert any bridle into a double bridle where it is needed for the bradoon bit. Can also be used on a chifney bit...

£13.95 Ex Tax: £11.63

EquiDisc Competitor Number Discs

EquiDisc Competitor Number Discs We carry  two types of competitor number discs. Level one which has 3 digits and is suitable for most types of equestrian competitions such as local events.&nb..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £12.50

Faux Fur For Headcollars Synthetic Sleeves Set

Faux Fur For Headcollars Synthetic Sleeves Set Faux Fur sleeves with velcro making them easy to add to your Headcollar or Bridle for that touch of softness. Made of 100% polyester with self-gripping f..

£5.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

Leather Crupper

Leather Crupper Fine quality English leather crupper.  Used to prevent the saddle from slipping forward.  A strap is passed under the tail and attached to D on the back of the saddle. ..

£27.99 Ex Tax: £23.33

Metal Trigger Clips

Metal Trigger Clips Ideal for many usesZinc die cast, nickel plated.Individually baggedLength: 8.5cm..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Stubbs Master Z Truck Trolley

Stubbs Master Z Truck TrolleyA real eye catcher, this smart trolley performs as well as it looks and is a master of all functions. Instantly changeable from tack trolley to a cart to transport sac..

£123.00 Ex Tax: £102.50

Ascot Cheek Pieces

Ascot Cheek PiecesAscot Quality Leather hand sewn cheek pieces with Stainless Steel Fastenings. Spare Cheek Pieces for your bridle. Many lenghts & widths available.  Some of our cheeks are a..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

Bridle Competition Numbers - Pairs

Bridle Competition Numbers  - PairsReally simple to use, this competition number holder fits around the arm, is held in place with elastic, and the numbers can be easily changed. Can also be..

£5.90 Ex Tax: £4.92

Competition Numbers Velcro Holder

Competition Numbers Velcro Holder 3 Digits Competitor Numbers - PairsA white rectangular P.V.C. base with 3 clear compartments featuring digits from 0 to 9. The velcro base is sewn onto the back are..

£5.90 Ex Tax: £4.92

Gel Guards for Headpiece or Nosebands

Gel Guards for Headpiece or NosebandsIn shock absorbing gel. Fits perfectly and offers comfort and protection against chafing while spreading pressure evenly on the poll or on the nose. ..

£16.50 Ex Tax: £13.75

Flash Converters Large English Leather

Flash Converters Large English Leather English leather. Used to attach a flash strap to a plain or show noseband. This version is slightly larger, 4.5" long, to go over a Hunt style noseband.Avail..

£5.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

Perry Bridle Brackets

Perry Bridle BracketsPerry Equestrians bridle brackets are high quality and well made, perfect for hanging your bridles and headcollars. They come in a range of vibrant colours to match anyones colour..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Stubbs Bridle Brackets with Hooks

Stubbs Bridle Brackets Continuously produced for over 40 years this outstanding model has a specially designed round cowl to prevent kinking of leather. It also has a raised lip to deter bridle ..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Wool Nose Band Sleeve

 100% pure wool noseband cover which is machine washable at 30 degrees. Helps to keep the horse focused, popular in racing and showjumping.Available in either Cream or Brown pure wool...

£13.50 Ex Tax: £11.25

Rhinegold Bridle Bags

Rhinegold Bridle BagsShowing Storage Horsebox Jumping Tack Room Various colours..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £8.33

Saddle Mates Tack Storage

Saddle Mates Ideal for your tack Stubbs Saddle Mate is a great way to store and transport your saddle and tack. Putting your arm through this instead of just the saddle means you carry your sa..

£34.99 Ex Tax: £29.16

Buckle Guards English Leather

Buckle Guards English LeatherEnglish Leather buckle guards to fit all saddles. Used to protect the saddle from the girth buckles. Available in black or brown leather, one size only, with two rows of&n..

£5.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

Leather Buckle Guards With 3 Slots

Leather Buckle Guards With 3 SlotsPair of leather 3 slot Buckle Guards are used at the top of your Girth Straps to protect your saddle flap from the buckles on the Girth..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £3.75

Buckle Guards Tear Drop

Leather Buckle Guards Tear DropTear Drop buckle guards made from English Leather. In a tear drop shape they are slightly larger than the regular style. Used to protect the saddle from the girth buckle..

£6.95 Ex Tax: £5.79

Rubber Stirrup Treads Indented Ends

Rubber Stirrup Treads Indented Ends Black rupper Replacement Stirrup Pads  with indents ..

£3.99 Ex Tax: £3.33

Perry Handy Hanger

Perry Handy HangerThe Perry Handy Hanger can be hooked over the door of your stable, making it great for organaising your bridles and headcollars all while keeping your yard tidy. ..

£7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83

Perry Twin Hook Stable Hanger

Perry Twin Hook Stable HangerThe Perry Equestrian Twin Hook Stable Hanger is a easy and simple multipurpose storage solution for anyones yard or tack room. They are ideal for hanging everything from b..

£5.50 Ex Tax: £4.58