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Tack Care

Tack Care

Tack Care

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Bridle and Tack Cleaning Hooks

Bridle and Tack Cleaning HooksPopular 3 point bridle cleaning hook. Stubbyfine coated steel...

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16

Flexalane Leather Dressing

Flexalane Leather DressingSingle, easy application. Using monthly will keep tack soft, supple and completely waterproof.Flexalan Products Ltd has been a leading name in horse care products for over ..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £8.33

Gold Label Anti Fungal Leather Restorer

Gold Label Anti Fungal Leather RestorerUse on all stored leather items during out of season periods, especially in damp locations. Contains potent fungistat. Apply with a soft cloth and leave on i..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £8.33

Gold Label Dubbin Leather Care 500g

Gold Label Dubbin Leather Care 500gFor softening and waterproofing leather, walking boots, heavy footwear..

£6.00 Ex Tax: £5.00

LeMieux Wash Bags

LeMieux Wash Bags The LeMieux wash bag is ideal for all things horses. It will keep your washing machine clean and horse hair free. Large Bag 75cm x 80cm Small Bag 45cm x 30cm..

£7.30 Ex Tax: £6.08

LeMieux Wool Wash 1Ltr

LeMieux Wool Wash 1Ltr. Scientifically formulated to maintain lambskin & lambswool in perfect condition. An essential part of cleaning any wool-lined numnah or square. ..

£12.50 Ex Tax: £10.42

Nettex Bit Clean Wipes

Nettex Bit Clean Wipes Hygienic, easy to use wipes to remove the build-up of dirt and debris from the bit rings and mouthpieces with a palatable taste Encourages salivation and acceptance of..

£10.20 Ex Tax: £8.50

Nikwax Leather Cleaner 300ml

Nikwax Leather Cleaner 300ml Nikwax Leather Cleaner 300ml | NK481 Ideal for leather clothing, gloves and panniers. This product safely revitalises the look and ..

£5.50 Ex Tax: £4.58

Oakwood Glycerine Leather Cleaner

Oakwood Glycerine Leather CleanerFor those who want the ease of using a spray. Protects stitching, hydrating leather as it quickly and easily cleans away dirt and grime. Great for saddles, brid..

£10.00 Ex Tax: £8.33

Oakwood Glycerine Saddle Soap

Oakwood Glycerine Saddle SoapThe ideal travelling companion for hydrating smooth leathers. Gently cleanses smooth leathers. Unique blend containing glycerine that helps hydrate leather while cle..

£11.00 Ex Tax: £9.17

Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes

Oakwood Leather & Synthetic WipesFormulated to remove dust, these extra large and thick wipes clean, condition and protect all types of leather and synthetic articles. Crafted with carnauba ..

£9.50 Ex Tax: £7.92

Oakwood Leather Conditioner 125ml

Oakwood Leather Conditioner 125mlOakwood's famous Leather Conditioner provides intense rehydration of saddlery gear, while softening leather and repelling water for overall protection of all you..

£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.42

Oakwood Leather Conditioner 500ml

Oakwood Leather Conditioner 500mlOakwood's famous Leather Conditioner provides intense rehydration of saddlery gear, while softening leather and repelling water for overall protection of all you..

£13.00 Ex Tax: £10.83

Oakwood Leather Oil

Oakwood Leather OilOakwood Leather Oil is formulated for use on saddles, bridles, harness gear, belts and other tack accessories. Ideal for making new leather lovely and supple and for softening..

£10.50 Ex Tax: £8.75

Oakwood Liquid Saddle Soap

Oakwood Liquid Saddle SoapThis product is stronger and more concentrated than most so it removes heavy dirt, grime, stains and grease from saddles, harness gear, boots and tack accessories, with..

£11.00 Ex Tax: £9.17

Ride On Saddle Covers

Ride On Saddle CoversThese are a good quality waterproof ride on saddle covers..

£10.50 Ex Tax: £8.75

Saddle Clinic Leather Mould Remover 250ml

Saddle Clinic Leather Mould Remover 250mlKills Bacteria & Eliminates Mould On Contact Mould Remover has been designed to eliminate and prevent re-growth of mould on surfaces exposed to high hu..

£10.20 Ex Tax: £8.50

Nettex Tack Cleaning Wipes

Nettex Tack Cleaning WipesNettex Tack Cleaning Wipes are the ultimate time saving product. Helping keep tack in great condition.Provides an instant shine to all leather tack and accessories.Ideal to u..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £12.08

Effax Leather Balm

Effax Leather Balm The most valuable leather care for durability and reliability of the leather equipment due to a combination of lanolin and avocado oil. Furthermore, beeswax has a moisture repell..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £8.33

Effax Leather Grease

Effax Leather Grease Simply apply to the leather after cleaning. Has a re-greasing effect due to natural raw ingredients. Available in black and colourless.Contains: greases, waxes, train oil&n..

£8.50 Ex Tax: £7.08

Effax Leather Care Case

Effax Leather Care CaseShoe and Leather care in compact form. The New Effax Leather Care Case contains the perfect care products for riding equipment in a practical case for use when traveling. Th..

£29.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Effax Leather Cream Tack Soap

Effax Leather Cream Tack Cleaner and Conditioning Soap The Effax Leather Cream Soap in the Flic-Flac bottle to turn and hang up is easy to apply in just the right do..

£10.99 Ex Tax: £9.16

Effax Speedy Leather Shine

Effax Speedy Leather Shine Simply apply effax Speedy Leather Shine with a sponge to boots, saddles bridles or bags made of any kind of leather and they will shine beautifully as if they have been pol..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16

Effax Leather Grip Stick

Effax Leather Grip StickGives the leather a firm and perfectly uncomplicated grip - all the time, everywhere. With a twist and turn stick the active substance is easy to apply. ..

£8.99 Ex Tax: £7.49

Effax Leather Lacquer 250ml

Effax Leather Lacquer 250mlEffax Leather lacquer for intensive blackening of leather and harnesses. For freshening up leather which has lost its shine and worn areas, for treating isolated scratch..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Effax Leather Mildew Free

Effax Leather Mildew FreeWith threefold effect for all types of leather: care, impregnation and protection against mildew. It reliably prevents leather being attacked by mildew and fungi on the ba..

£8.99 Ex Tax: £7.49

Effax Leather Soft

Effax Leather Soft As a result of the special mixture of lanolin and avocado oil, the leather becomes supple, tear-proof and soft. Beeswax lends a pleasant surface to the leather and also protects ..

£10.25 Ex Tax: £8.54

Effax Leather Oil

Effax Leather OilNourishes, cares for and protects all smooth leathers. Vaseline, genuine whale oil and other valuable, leather care substances ensure durability and thus also the reliability of y..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £8.33

Effax Leather Oil Tin & Brush

Effax Leather Oil Tin & BrushNourishes, cares for, and protects all smooth leathers. Vaseline, genuine train oil, and other high quality leather-caring substances ensure durability and therefo..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Effax Leather Combi

Effax Leather Combi Cleans and nourishes the leather fibre in a unique way, with a deep-penetrating effect, without making the leather greasy. High quality additives provide the leather fibre with ..

£10.50 Ex Tax: £8.75

Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing

Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing A thick grease that protects leather from mould and mildew whilst in storage. Also renovates, softens and revives saddlery leather225 grams ..

£8.23 Ex Tax: £6.86

Belvoir Tack Cleaner Wipes By Carr & Day & Martin

Belvoir Tack Cleaner Wipes By Carr & Day & Martin  sold individually Convenient, single-use impregnated wipe removes surface dirt and mud with ease Description Convenient and handy, ..

£0.99 Ex Tax: £0.83