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Smallholders Range

Smallholders Range

Smallholders Animal Food Merchant For North Devon

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Topspec Donkey Forage Balancer

Topspec Donkey Forage Balancer Donkey Forage Balancer is designed to be fed to donkeys from three weeks of age upwards. It provides essential vitamins and ..

£39.99 Ex Tax: £39.99


LamlacMade to suit the physiology of lambs and kids, Volac Lamlac contains concentrated milk protein to help boost a newborn lamb's natural defences and encourage it to develop at a more rapid pac..

£39.99 Ex Tax: £39.99

Saracen Donkey Diet Nuts

Saracen Donkey Diet NutsSaracen Donkey Diet is a low energy feed that is high in fibre. Donkey Diet is a safe source of calories that is fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace element..

£13.99 £13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50

Oyster Shells Grit

Oyster Shells Grit Oyster shell grit is used to provide poultry with enough calcium , which is essential to produce strong bones and good egg shells. Whilst modern poultry laying feeds normally cont..

£13.50 £13.03 Ex Tax: £13.03

Allen & Page Small Holder Range Layers Pellets

Allen & Page Small Holder Range Layers PelletsNatural Free Range Chicken Feed Layers Pellets with added Omega 3 oils for healthy birds and wonderful eggs. Contains grass, maize and marigold petals..

£12.15 Ex Tax: £12.15

Barrier Scaly Leg Ointment For Birds

Barrier Scaly Leg Ointment For BirdsIntensive action against scaly leg mite in chickens, turkeys, game and cage birds. Acts as a barrier against scaly leg mite. Soothes, calms, provides instant r..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £12.08

Barrier Red Mite Powder

Barrier Red Mite PowderBarrier Red Mite Powder is suitable for organic farming systems, this kind and gentle powder is designed to be applied directly to all birds and poultry as a deterrent to infest..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £12.08

MolliChaff Donkey Complete Feeds

MolliChaff Donkey Complete FeedsMollichaff Donkey is a highly palatable mix containing a balanced blend of dried grass, fibre pellets, oat straw, and soya oil with camomile, mint and lemon balm. It al..

£12.25 £11.75 Ex Tax: £11.75

Barrier Scaly Leg Spray For Birds

Barrier Scaly Leg Spray For BirdsEffective deterrent against scaly leg mites. For use on Chickens, Turkeys, Game and Cage Birds. Scaly Leg Mite cause pain and intense irritation for the bird as they b..

£13.50 Ex Tax: £11.25

Heygates Goat Country Herb Mix

Heygates Goat Country Herb MixCountry Herb Goat Mix is a premium lightly molassed coarse mixture suitable for most adult goats. The ingredients include lightly rolled oats to provide energy and dig..

£10.15 Ex Tax: £10.15

Heygates Llama and Alpaca Mix

Heygates Llama and Alpaca MixLLAMA & ALPACA MIX 16% PROTEIN , 9% FIBRE Heygates Lllama Mix is a premium molassed coarse mixture suitable for llamas and alpacas. The ingredients include steam c..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

Harpers Feeds Lamb Starter To Finish Pellets

Harpers Feeds Lamb Starter To Finish PelletsLamb Starter to Finish Pellet Introduce at 2 weeks of age and offer ad lib in a clean, dry feeder keeping the product fresh at all times.&nbs..

£10.25 £9.75 Ex Tax: £9.75