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Burgess Excel Herbage Dandelion & Marigold Rabbit Food 1kg

Burgess Excel Herbage Dandelion & Marigold Rabbit Food 1kgRabbit Excel Herbage Dandelion & Marigold is a sweet smelling Timothy Hay mixed with Dandelion and Marigold that’s high in Beneficia..

£6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99

Dodson & Horrell Chudleys Rabbit Royal

Dodson & Horrell Chudleys Rabbit Royal Rabbit Royale For happy healthy rabbits. Best-selling complete muesli, ideal for growing & adult rabbits. Tasty wholesome mix of pellets, cereals &..

£13.99 Ex Tax: £13.99

Fearns Farm Premium Hay

Fearns Farm Premium HayOur dust extracted Premium Hay is made from a timothy rye grass mix for a more palatable product. It is high fibre whilst being low protein and low energy.Being first cut, the h..

£8.50 Ex Tax: £8.50

Heygates Commercial Rabbit Pellets

Heygates Commercial Rabbit PelletsA similar high specification to the Rabbit's Choice pellets with a coccidiostat added to help prevent disease.  This product is designed for use by commercia..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Heygates Rabbit's Choice Pellets

Heygates Rabbit's Choice PelletsHeygates Rabbit's Choice pellets are a superior quality 3mm pellet.  The carefully selected raw materials include locally produced cereals fortified with prote..

£10.25 Ex Tax: £10.25