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Powerstance Coconut Oil Powder Horse Supplements

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Powerstance Coconut Oil Powder Horse Supplements

PowerStance is a unique powdered coconut oil supplement.  PowerStance delivers the secret ingredient from CoolStance as a powder. Since coconut oil can solidify below 24-25°C, PowerStance was developed to provide the essential benefits of coconut oil in a convenient powder form.

The main difference with coconut oil is that it is a fully saturated oil with useful nutritional and antimicrobial benefits.  Coconut oil increases muscle glycogen storage more effectively than the unsaturated fats found in other vegetable oils (eg. canola, corn and soya oil) providing a longer lasting source of energy. Additionally the oil is easier for the horse to digest, absorb and convert into muscle energy.

PowerStance is an odourless white powder making it easy to mix into feeds, even for the fussiest of horses.  It may be used for rapid release energy, maintaining gut health, assisting in weight gain and promoting a brilliant sleek and healthy coat.  PowerStance contains 30% modified maize starch to make the powder. The corn starch is gluten free.

Do I have to reduce the quantity of CoolStance I feed if I add in PowerStance?
No not at all! Because PowerStance is simply coconut oil, its use will compound the affects of natural coconut meal. The addition of PowerStance to your feed will allow you to see visible results quicker and ensure your horses gut health is improved.

Powerstance can be fed at up to 400g per day for weight gain, however 50-100g is sufficient for the average horse as a cool energy source.

PowerStance should be introduced gradually into the diet, building up to the required dose rate slowly over a 2 week period. The daily dose should be divided and fed in 2 meals per day. PowerStance should be fed as part of a balanced diet.
(Note: 305g PowerStance is equivalent in energy to 1 cup vegetable oil).

Digestible energy: 29.4MJ/kg with 70% coconut oil