Wood Fibre or Pulps

Wood Fibre or Pulps

Wood Fibre or Pulps

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Easibed Pet Bedding

Easibed Easibed is a clean, dust free wood fibre bedding which is loved by horses and their owner..

£7.40 Ex Tax: £6.17

Easichick Bedding

Easichick Bedding  10kg bags Cleaner, safer poultry bedding Dust free wood fibre A..

£6.00 Ex Tax: £5.00

Megazorb Wood Pulp

Megazorb Wood Pulp Fibre Pet BeddingMegazorb is probably the best bedding on earth 4 x as absorbent ..

£10.15 Ex Tax: £8.46

Aubiose Hemp Bedding 20 kg Probably the most absorbent bedding money can buy. Aubi..
Ex Tax: £9.16

Bedmax Shavings Horse Bedding BEDMAX shavings are large flake pine shavings, purpose made to pr..
Ex Tax: £7.58

Burlybed Miscanthus Horse Bedding Burleybed is made from 100% Miscanthus and used by farmers ..
Ex Tax: £6.25

Cousin Jack Chopped Straw Horse BeddingCousin Jack chopped straw is a dust extracted straw horse bed..
Ex Tax: £5.83

Mendip New Flake Wood Shavings- Large FlakeNew Flake Wood Shavings by Mendip Mendip New flake bales..
Ex Tax: £6.75

Pure Horse Bedding Wood PelletsMade from 100% virgin wood these are a top quality horse bedding. Onc..
Ex Tax: £5.42