Hoof Cast

Hoof Cast

Equicast offers a temporary support system, ideal in helping provide successful hoof treatments for horses. Whether equine hoof problems originate naturally or by man's doing, we can help nature in the healing process. Our product can give the protection needed for a painful bruised hoof. When more serious conditions threaten the wall structure of hooves, as with a horse hoof abcess, this custom fitting cast supports the entire structure, allowing proper re-growth and constant medication contact.

ETSS (Equicast Temporary Support System) was developed specifically for hoof wall failure and takes hoof-care technology in a new direction. Adding temporary support to the hoof wall gives nature a chance to grow a stronger and healthier hoof. Hoof wall failure is the major cause of low angles, quarter cracks, shelly feet, lost shoes, white line disease, abscesses, etc. often resulting in the loss of use, and in some cases early retirement for well trained horses.

Equicast can be used as a spare tyre (that the owner applies) until a farrier can replace the shoe. Or therapeutically to restore hoof wall integrity: as in long toe low heel syndrome, quarter cracks, shelly feet, white line disease, etc. Much depends on what is needed and one’s level of knowledge. Physics, anatomy, mechanisms of movement and common sense help explain how and why ETSS restores stronger healthier hoof walls. How? By adding temporary support in three (3) areas: 1. At the widest part of the hoof between the first nail and the last nail holes, 2. Increases ground contact in the heels and frog area (caudal support), 3. Manages lateral expansion the medial wall supports the lateral wall. There are a number of signs of hoof wall overload: flares, quarter cracks, white line disease, long toe low heel syndrome, prolapsed soles, etc

ETSS is different than conventional shoeing methods, the ETSS supports the whole hoof capsule as well as the bottom of the hoof, usually from the widest part of the hoof back, this adds protection and support to the whole hoof capsule. Equicast can be applied three (3) different ways: 1. On a hoof then a shoe is attached (glued or nailed), 2. Over any kind of shoe, 3. Or on a bare foot, each method addresses a specific problem.

Each cast molds to every foot for a perfect fit. No more trying to shape a foot to fit a shoe/boot. And most importantly adding dynamic support gives nature time to heel and grow strong healthy walls. The fact is that, answers to many hoof problems are answered by the laws of physics and common sense. Keeping the answers simple for every-day applications is my goal. When addressing the basics everything else seems to fall in place.

Hoof Cast

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