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Digestion & Probiotics

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Science Supplements GastroKind

Science Supplements GastroKindGastroKind is a natural, nutritional formula developed by the leading veterinary scientists, nutritionists and vets. The unique patented formula promotes a healthy gastri..

£69.99 Ex Tax: £69.99

Equimins Gastro Shield

Equimins Gastro ShieldA comprehensive supplement to help support the cell wall from stomach acid.Gastro Shield is a supplement to support delicate or sensitive digestive systems in horses. It contai..

£53.45 Ex Tax: £53.45

E Calm

ECalm Horse Calming Feed eCalm has been extensively tested by veterinary researchers over a number of years and unlike other calmers acts as a prebiotic. eCalm not only improves behaviour in mares..

£37.99 Ex Tax: £37.99

Science Supplements Gut Balancer

Science Supplements Gut BalancerWinner of the BETA International Innovation Awards, the all new and improved Gut Balancer is a balanced combination of Pre and Pro-Biotics and contains a specially prot..

£34.99 Ex Tax: £34.99

NAF GastriAid

NAF GastriAid For horses and ponies with a history of compromised gastric health, or when signs dictate.  For daily protection from stress related gastric problems and defend the stomach wall ..

£32.99 Ex Tax: £32.99

Hilton Herbs Gastri X

Hilton Herbs Gastri X Supports and maintains a healthy digestive system. Soothe - Support - Ph Balance "Suitable for horses or ponies prone to laminitis" Daily cost = £1.70 : based on 3 lev..

£31.80 Ex Tax: £31.80

Powerstance Coconut Oil Powder Horse Supplements

Powerstance Coconut Oil Powder Horse SupplementsPowerStance is a unique powdered coconut oil supplement.  PowerStance delivers the secret ingredient from CoolStance as a powder. Since coconut..

£26.00 Ex Tax: £26.00

Equimins Probiotics (Inner Balance)

Equimins Probiotics (Inner Balance)Highly recommended for use as a quick pick me up and at times of stress.This palatable supplement for horses and foals may be added to drinking water or sprinkled ..

£25.29 Ex Tax: £25.29

NAF Haylage Balancer

NAF Haylage Balancer * Healthy Digestive System * Gets the most of your Roughage * Increases Roughage intake * Comfortable Gut ..

£24.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

BettaLifePharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support

BettaLife PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support is a proven supplement for total digestive tract support. It targets both the foregut and the hindgut of the horse. Pha..

£24.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

NAF In The Pink Senior

NAF In The Pink SeniorPink Powder contains live probiotic yeast and prebiotics to optimise gut function and balance the diet, allowing your horse to fully utilize his feed intake and gain perfec..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £23.99

NAF In The Pink Powder

NAF In The Pink PowderPink Powder contains live probiotic yeast and prebiotics to optimise gut function and balance the diet, allowing your horse to fully utilize his feed intake and gain perfect cond..

£21.99 Ex Tax: £21.99

Equimins Pro-Bio Supplement

Equimins Pro-Bio Supplement A metabolic profile booster for horses and ponies for efficient digestion. With pro-biotics and oligoflora to create the correct conditions in the gut for maximum util..

£21.85 Ex Tax: £21.85

Hilton Herbs Slippery Elm

Hilton Herbs Slippery ElmSLIPPERY ELM POWDER: rich in mucilagesoothing to the digestive systemmucus membrane healthnutritive Slippery Elm Powder is easy to digest and can be given internally to ho..

£21.49 Ex Tax: £21.49