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Horse Supplements

Skin Care

Skin Care

Skin Care

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Equimins Cooked Linseed

Equimins Cooked LinseedA rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Oils. The ideal accompaniment to a full spec supplement or a feed balancer and as an alternative to linseed oil and other oils with the a..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £11.99

Equimins Diamond Omega - Micronised Linseed Supplement

Equimins Diamond Omega - Micronised Linseed SupplementA ground, micronised, stabilised and fortified Flax (Linseed) compound. Enriched with important B vitamins, Minerals and Trace elements. The E..

£14.75 Ex Tax: £14.75

Equimins Mud Block Supplement

Equimins Mud Block SupplementA high spec formulation of particular minerals, essential oils, dried herbs and roots to support and nourish the skin from within in wet or muddy conditions...

£16.75 Ex Tax: £16.75

Global Herbs Skratch Plus

Global Herbs Skratch PlusSkratchPlus is a powerful herbal formula, designed to soothe and comfort itching skin. SkratchPlus offers is essential support to help maintain healthy skin. Introduce to feed..

£27.00 Ex Tax: £27.00

Marigold Flowers

Marigold FlowersMarigold Flowers Help maintain healthy skin. Also known as calendula ..

£13.49 Ex Tax: £13.49

NAF Mud Gard Supplement

Mud Gard Supplement Nutritional support for skin challenged by wet, muddy conditions. When exposed to wet muddy conditions, some horses can be affected by soil dwelling bacteria that gain access in..

£29.99 Ex Tax: £29.99

Omega Equine Apple Cider Vinegar

Omega Equine Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar increases appetite and aids in keeping joints healthy.       Key Advantages:Natural tonic and nutrientsIncreases appetiteAids in..

£4.40 Ex Tax: £4.40

Omega Equine Brewers Yeast

Omega Equine Brewers YeastOmega Brewers Yeast will help keep your horses and ponies in great health.           Key Advantages: Provides the digestive system with e..

£7.25 Ex Tax: £7.25

Omega Equine Flax (Linseed) Oil

Omega Equine Flax (Linseed) Oil Flax Oil is beneficial for your horses coat and skin. If your horse suffers from a dry or very dull coat, fatty acids help to improve the texture of the coat,..

£8.75 Ex Tax: £8.75

Omega Equine Linseed Meal

Omega Equine Linseed MealOmega Brewers Yeast will help keep your horses and ponies in great health.           Key Advantages: Provides the digestive system with ex..

£8.75 Ex Tax: £8.75

Omega Equine Rosehips

Omega Equine Rosehips Equine Supplements for Equine Health, Rich In Iron, Vitamin C and Biotin Rosehips, the fruit of the rose plant, are one of the best sources of natural iron and vitamin C for y..

£16.25 Ex Tax: £16.25

Omega Equine Soya Oil

Omega Equine Soya Oil100% Pure Soya Oil          Key Advantages: Soya Oil promotes excellent skin health and coat condition.Slow release energyPromotes excellent skin health..

£11.75 Ex Tax: £11.75

Powerstance Coconut Oil Powder Horse Supplements

Powerstance Coconut Oil Powder Horse SupplementsPowerStance is a unique powdered coconut oil supplement.  PowerStance delivers the secret ingredient from CoolStance as a powder. Since coconut..

£26.00 Ex Tax: £26.00

Saracen Supershine Oil With Spearmint

Saracen Supershine Oil With SpearmintSaracen Super Shine Plus is a liquid soya oil with fresh mint flavour.Super Shine Plus is suitable for all horses and ponies.This oil supports optimum skin and coa..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50

Sulphur Powder

Sulphur PowderSublimed flowers of sulphur, the purest form available BPC quality. To be used both internally and externally...

£10.25 Ex Tax: £10.25

TurmerAid ™ - Complete Turmeric Pellets

TurmerAid ™ - Complete Turmeric Pellets  2kgWe are delighted to offer TURMERAID™ Turmeric Pellets for horses and ponies.Made with Turmeric certified with 5.1% Curcumin, they include Linseed ..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Equus Health Superskin

Equus Health Superskin ~This carefully balanced combination of natural ingredients ensures tiptop condition of the coat and skin. It is particularly useful for itchy horses or ponie..

£13.35 Ex Tax: £13.35

Super Supplement Garlic, Parsley & Linseed Oil

Super Supplement Garlic, Parsley & Linseed Oil An easily absorbed form of garlic and parsley in a nutritious linseed oil base. Containing only the finest oils of garlic and parsley. Regular use..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Super Solvitax Cod Liver Oil

Super Solvitax Cod Liver Oil Rich in polyunsaturated oil and vitamins A and D at guaranteed levels. Helps promote firm bones and strong teeth. Increased palatability and reduces dustiness in feeds...

£7.50 £6.50 Ex Tax: £6.50

Baileys Garlic Supplement

Baileys Garlic Supplement Baileys Garlic is a powerful, highly palatable supplement for all horse and ponies. Contains natural garlic oil which is combined with a nutritious base to create an easy ..

£9.99 £9.50 Ex Tax: £9.50

Equimins Linseed Oil Cold Pressed

Equimins Linseed Oil Cold PressedEnhances coat condition and is also a very useful digestive aid. Helps to promote good health and a shiny coat. It is an excellent source of non heating energ..

£3.99 Ex Tax: £3.99

Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch

Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch Supports and maintains a healthy resistance to seasonal irritations.BYE BYE ITCH has been formulated to help support the horses normal response to seasonal irritants. ..

£26.00 Ex Tax: £26.00

NAF Mint & Garlic

NAF Mint & Garlic A natural tonic to help maintain vitality and coat condition. ..

£17.50 Ex Tax: £17.50

Hilton Herbs Mud Defender

Hilton Herbs Mud Defender Shown in field trials to support skin structure, integrity and resistance to mud dwelling bacteria. Contains Omega’s 3 & 6, Cysteine for strong hair, skin and Keratin ..

£35.50 Ex Tax: £35.50

Equimins Brewers Yeast

Equimins Brewers YeastGood for poor doers. Helps with weight gain and to maintain a healthy skin.  Good for poor doers. Helps with weight gain and to maintain a healthy skin.?  ..

£5.99 Ex Tax: £5.99

Equimins Glow and Shine Omega Oil

Equimins Glow and Shine Omega OilA valuable source of energy and Omega 3, 6 and 9.An easily digestible form of non-heating, slow release energy that will help maintain a healthy heart and joints, as..

£12.69 Ex Tax: £12.69