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TopSpec All-in-One Supplement

TopSpec All-in-One SupplementTopSpec All-in-One is a caramel flavoured, granular supplement that contains a top specification, broad-spectrum supplement plus many specialised supplements, for example,..

£34.99 Ex Tax: £34.99

Freestep 250g

Freestep 250gComforter to assist joints, muscles and feet. Great for Veteran horses. Suitable for horses on a restricted diet. FreeStep, a complimentary feed for horses, is a quickly absorbed com..

£30.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

TopSpec AntiLam

TopSpec AntiLamTopSpec AntiLam is a pelleted multi-supplement designed to provide nutritional support for those prone to, being treated for, or recovering from laminitis. AntiLam is used and recommend..

£31.50 £29.75 Ex Tax: £29.75

Equimins Laminator Supplement Powder

Equimins Laminator Supplement PowderAn equine supplement for the nutritional support of hoof health and integrity. Laminator is a very comprehensive formula to help maintain hoof health Laminator al..

£27.20 Ex Tax: £27.20

Pure Feed Company Pure Balance

Pure Feed Company Pure BalancePure Balance is a low-calorie feed that contains all the vitamins and minerals that your horse needs to thrive. It is a great choice for good doers, horses at rest or tho..

£24.75 £23.40 Ex Tax: £23.40

Equimins Hoof Mender 75 Supplement Powder

Equimins Hoof Mender 75 Supplement PowderA comprehensive supplement for distressed hooves. Delivering 75mg of Biotin per day, combined with a unique array of bio-available Zinc, essential for stro..

£22.75 Ex Tax: £22.75

Pure Feed Company Pure Fibre Balancer

Pure Feed Company Pure Fibre BalancerPure Fibre Balance is packed with fibre and a more concentrated ration of our premium balancer. This makes it an ideal feed for good doers. It gives your horse all..

£18.99 £18.70 Ex Tax: £18.70

Dengie Alfa A Molasses Free

Alfa-A Molasses Free Alfa-A Molasses Free is the perfect pure alfalfa fibre feed for fuelling work or promoting condition in horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis. Naturally low in sugar an..

£17.50 £16.75 Ex Tax: £16.75

Dengie Hi Fi Molasses Free

Dengie Hi-Fi Molasses Free Low In Sugar and StarchHi-Fi Molasses Free is the ideal fibre feed for lesiure horses and ponies requiring a low sugar and starch diet. Hi-Fi Molasses Free contains no added..

£16.99 £16.00 Ex Tax: £16.00

Beets BHF Fibre Beet

BHF Fibre Beet Alfalfa and Oat FibreFibre-Beet is a carefully formulated combination of Speed-Beet, alfalfa and oat fibre supplemented with biotin, sodium and calcium. You've got all the benefits of ..

£16.50 £15.99 Ex Tax: £15.99

Hy Grazing Muzzle with Fleece

Hy Grazing Muzzle with Fleece A soft non-slip nylon muzzle with additional fleece padding on the inside to prevent sores on the horse’s muzzle. Featuring a rubber base, a double hook and loop faste..

£18.50 Ex Tax: £15.42

Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

Healthy Hooves Molasses FreeHEALTHY HOOVES MOLASSES FREE is a complete low-calorie, high-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies, containing essential nutrients for healthy hooves. Healthy Hooves Mol..

£15.99 £15.25 Ex Tax: £15.25

Dengie Healthy Hooves

Dengie Healthy HoovesDengie Healthy Hooves is a complete low-calorie, high-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies, combining essential nutrients for healthy hooves with a light molasses coating. Hea..

£15.99 £15.25 Ex Tax: £15.25

Freestep LamiAlert Laminitic Supplement 125g

Freestep LamiAlert Laminitic Supplement 125gBringing everything a horse needs from the native environment into their daily diet… For horses and ponies that gain weight on fresh air, have cresty necks..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Hy Grazing Muzzle

Hy Grazing Muzzle This nylon muzzle slows the horse's grazing. Featuring a rubber base, velcro closure headpiece and clip throat lash for easy fitting and to keep the muzzle in place. ..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £14.99