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Young Stock, Mares and Stud Horse Feeds

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Dodson & Horrell Equilac Mares Milk Replacer 10kg

Dodson & Horrell Equilac Mares Milk Replacer 10kg Equilac is the best way to supplement milk intake for your foal. Whether your foal has been orphaned or your mare is ..

£60.00 Ex Tax: £60.00

Dodson & Horrell Mare and Youngstock

Dodson & Horrell - Mare and Youngstock Nutritionally balanced muesli for Warmblood, Native & Part-Bred broodmares, stallions & youngstock. Information:  ..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50

Gain Foal Pellets

Gain Foal PelletsFoal Pellets are nutrient dense pellets ideal for supplementing the diet of the very young foal. They are highly concentrated hence the feeding rates are very low; ideal for the ..

£17.00 Ex Tax: £17.00

Gain Stud Mix

Gain Stud Mix Similar in specification to the Stud Cubes, Stud Mix is suitable for all types of breeding stock from broodmares in pregnancy and lactation, stallions, foals, weanlings and ..

£12.40 Ex Tax: £12.40

Pure Feed Company Pure Stud

Pure Feed Company Pure StudPure Stud contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals in a Pure formula that still retains high fibre, quality protein and low starch content. This makes it ideal for br..

£15.95 £15.59 Ex Tax: £15.59

Spillers Stud and Youngstock Mix

Spillers Stud and Youngstock MixSpillers Stud and Yungstock is suitable for youngstock between 2 weeks and 2 years, pregnant or lactating mares and stallions. Contains ideal sources of protein to ..

£15.55 £14.49 Ex Tax: £14.49

TopSpec Stud Feed Balancer

TopSpec Stud Feed Balancer Stud Feed Balancer is designed for broodmares, young stock and stallions. The low sugar and starch formula will promote superb muscle and skeletal development without pro..

£32.50 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50

Topspec Stud Lite Feed Balancer

Topspec Stud Lite Feed Balancer Is designed for breeding stock that are good-doersIs cereal-grain-free, low sugar/starch, ‘Non-Heating’Is rich in pre- and pro-..

£31.20 £30.25 Ex Tax: £30.25

Spillers Gro N Win Stud Balancer

Spillers Gro N Win Stud BalancerNutrient rich formula for pregnant and lactating mares, foals, youngstock and stallions.Provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and chelated trace elements to b..

£21.95 £37.50 Ex Tax: £37.50

SPILLERS Stud And Yearling Cubes

SPILLERS Stud And Yearling CubesEnergy dense, highly digestible cube suitable for broodmares, stallions, foals from 6 months of age and yearling prep.Highly digestible fibre and a controlled level of ..

£13.45 £12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50