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Horse Bedding

Horse Bedding

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Aubiose Hemp Bedding

Aubiose Hemp Bedding 20 kgProbably the most absorbent bedding money can buy. Aubiose is a completely different type of bedding and should provide you with savings in time and labour if it is managed p..

£12.99 Ex Tax: £10.83

Bedderstraw Paper Bagged Straw Bedding

Bedderstraw Paper Bagged Wheat Straw Animal BeddingBedderstraw is 100% Wheat Straw which is chopped and milled and dust extracted animal bedding.  Straw is an easily degradable form of animal bed..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £6.25

Bedmax Shavings Horse Bedding

Bedmax Shavings Horse BeddingBEDMAX Shavings offers you a 100% natural, dust free horse bedding developed and made specifically to help you keep your horse healthy, happy and comfortable in the stable..

£10.99 Ex Tax: £9.16

Burlybed Miscanthus Horse Bedding

Burlybed Miscanthus Horse Bedding Burleybed is made from 100% Miscanthus and used by farmers as bedding for horses, cattle and poultry. Stables use Burlybed for their horse bedding, as a deep fill ..

£8.10 Ex Tax: £6.75

Exmoor Mixer A Mix Of Small Flake and Wood Chip Animal Bedding

Exmoor Mixer A Mix Of Small Flake and Wood Chip Horse Bedding Our own brand of animal bedding called EXMOOR MIXER  is a mix of small flake and wood chip gives a great economy horse bedding. ..

£7.80 Ex Tax: £6.50

Mendip Woodpecker Small Flake Woodshavings Horse Bedding

Mendip Woodpecker Small Flake Woodshavings Horse Bedding Small dust extracted shavings, ideal for small animals and dogs. Approx 23kg...

£8.99 Ex Tax: £7.49

New Flake Large Flake Shavings Horse Bedding Mendip

Mendip New Flake Wood Shavings- Large Flake Horse Bedding Mendip New Flake bales are double dust extracted to ensure they are as dust free as possible.  Very absorbent and economical to use. ..

£8.50 Ex Tax: £7.08

Pure Wood Pellets For Horse Bedding

Pure Wood Pellets For Horse BeddingMade from 100% virgin wood these are a top quality horse bedding. Once placed in contact with water the absorb the liquid like a sponge and in  a very short tim..

£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.42