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Elico Equestrian

Elico Equestrian
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Elico Memory Foam Training Rollers

Elico Memory Foam Training RollersFully adjustable training roller with metal dees for attachments and eyeletted straps, allowing for easy adjustment.Lined with memory foam pads for a comfortable fit..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £33.33

Bag For Life Jute Horsey Shopping Bag

Bag For Life Jute Horsey Shopping BagMaterial: Jute with food grade lamination Design printed on both sides with aGusset Colour and binding: AquaHeight 35cm x Width 40cm x Gusset 20cmHandle: Soft p..

£9.50 Ex Tax: £7.92

Elico Cayton Velvet Showing Browbands

Elico Cayton Velvet Showing Browbands ½" English leather with Velvet/Satin and metallic ribbon complete with rosette and flag..

£16.99 Ex Tax: £14.16

Elico Dartmoor Fleece Showing Rugs

Elico Dartmoor Fleece Showing RugsAn attractive fleece rug with an overlapping front which fastens in place covering the 2 breast straps for that professional look.Finished with a quality double rop..

£32.00 Ex Tax: £26.67

Elico Exmoor Fleece Rugs

Elico Exmoor Fleece RugsAn everyday lightweight fleece rug which is easy to care for. Fleece has wicking properties making them useful after exercise when you want the horse to cool slowly.Also i..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £16.66

Elico Faux Sheepkin Girth Sleeves

Elico Faux Sheepkin Girth SleevesThese faux sheeksking girth sleeves are super think and have a luxurious feel to them they  have a very soft-feel faux sheepkin girth sleeve to give maximum comfo..

£9.95 Ex Tax: £8.29

Elico Helston Haynet (Small Size) Lime

Elico Helston Haynet (Small Size) LimeElico Helston Haynet is a small size haynet at just 80cm perfect haynet for small ponies and with just a 5cm mesh and strong hanging rope Capacity approx 5kg hay ..

£10.00 Ex Tax: £8.33

Elico Memory Foam Dressage Girth - Elasticated Both Ends

Elico Memory Foam Dressage Girth - Elasticated Both EndsThis memory foam girth is manufactured with a strong nylon knit facing fabric and stainless steel roller buckles.It gives a complete freedom o..

£33.95 Ex Tax: £28.29

Elico Memory Foam Saddle Cushions

Elico Memory Foam Saddle CushionsThse saddle cushions fit closely to the saddle with elasticated straps, making them easy to put on, or remove, as requiredThe memory foam inner (which has proven shock..

£49.95 Ex Tax: £41.63

Elico Newquay Haynets - Black / Red

Elico Newquay Haynets - Black / RedExtra strong haynet with large ring at base, robust hanging rope and small holes.Length: 115cm (46")Mesh size 50mmCapacity approx. 12kg hayColour: Red/Black..

£13.99 £12.50 Ex Tax: £10.42

Elico Novara Gaiters - Tall Adult Half Chaps

Elico Novara Gaiters - Tall Adult Half Chaps The Elico Novara Gaiter has a thin soft feel and is designed to ensure maximum comfort for the rider in all conditions and added flexibility when walkin..

£17.99 £13.99 Ex Tax: £11.66

Elico Olicana Leather Gaiters

Elico Olicana Leather GaitersElegant and formal gaiter ideal for the competition rider. ..

£43.95 £23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Elico Penzance Haynets - Cambridge/Black

Elico Penzance Haynets - Cambridge/BlackExtra strong haynet with large ring at base, robust hanging rope and small holes.Mesh size 30mm Length: 100cmCapacity approx. 10.5kg hayColour: Cambridge/..

£11.99 £10.99 Ex Tax: £9.16

Elico Plymouth Haybag (Black/Lime Green)

Elico Plymouth Haybag (Black/Lime Green)Made from strong,1680 Denier fabric, with a small-holed mesh feeding opening at the front to help eliminate wastageFeaturing a open mesh fabric base to allow a..

£16.99 Ex Tax: £14.16

Elico Quarter Markers Stencils Packs of 2

Elico Quarter Markers Stencils Packs of 2Four Designs available:Diamond: PinkHeart: PinkSquare: BlackStar: Purple..

£3.50 Ex Tax: £2.92

Elico Spur Protectors (Rubber)

Elico Spur Protectors (Rubber)Made from soft, flexible rubber and fit snugly due to the oval cutout for the spur ends.They will protect boots from damage caused by rubbing whilst also helping to secur..

£3.99 Ex Tax: £3.33

Elico Unicorn Riding Whips

Elico Unicorn Riding WhipsAttractive glittery whips will give sparkle in use.Unicorn keeper in matching colour.Rubber handle for a comfortable gripLength: 65cm..

£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.42

Field Hay Nets Elico Wild Boar Haynets

Field Hay Nets Elico Wild Boar HaynetsA Field Hay Net designed to fit large size bales of hay in a field or yard, helping to slow down eating and holding the bale together to save wastage. &..

£46.99 £42.50 Ex Tax: £35.42

Horse Shoe Nippers

Horse Shoe NippersHorse Shoe Nippers are a good quality sturdy make and used to straighten horses hooves and to help remove horse shoesMeasures 1.75" wide and 0.5" deep..

£22.00 Ex Tax: £18.33