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How To Measure An Exercise Sheet

How-To-Measure-An-Exercise-Sheet Barnstaple Equestrian Supplies

Gilly Davidson |

How To Measure An Exercise Sheet

What exercise rug do I need?

Most exercise rugs are now made as cutaway. These rugs simply tuck under the saddle flap with Velcro fastening over withers to allow the rug to be put on and removed without the need to remove the saddle. You can still buy traditional exercise rugs which sit under the saddle however they are decreasing in popularity.

Exercise rugs are designed to keep your horse warm and dry whist being ridden. Exercise rugs have evolved and you can now get exercise rugs for fly relief throughout the summer month, Hi Viz for safety all year round as well as your traditional fleece or waterproof rug.

What size exercise sheet do I need?

Use our guide below to get the correct exercise rug for your horse. Remember when fitting these rugs, they can be fitted smaller and it is safer they are not too long thus fall down the horses legs.

 How to measure an exercise sheet

Please note the is an approximate guide only and each make of exercise sheet may be measured differently.