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BETA Guide On Rugging Your Horse

BETA Guide On Rugging Your Horse  Barnstaple Equestrian Supplies

Gilly Davidson |

BETA Guide On Rugging Your Horse

Just like us, our horses feel the cold differently. Horses that are regularly stabled or clipped will be more vulnerable to chills than those that are used to living out and may easily overheat if wearing too many clothes.

Before putting a rug (or a heavier one) on your horse, consider all the many variables:  Stable management routine, level of work, access to forage, feeding regime and the type and condition of the horse.

Remember rugging less can also help in weight management especially of good-doers who need to loose weight over winter.

The Weather itself should also be considered - is it just cold or cold, wet and windy? The wind chill factor can make a real difference on weather horses are warm enough in a lower weight rug.

This following table can help to choose which rug your horse could be wearing to keep them warm, dry and comfortable.