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We hold a range of feeds for our regular clients and are happy to order in extra feeds.


Whilst we mainly supply horse feeds from all of the major equestrian feed manufacturers we also supply a wide range of other feeds including poultry, goat, alpaca and llama feeds. We are always happy to supply other feeds so just let us know what you are looking for.



To ensure we have what you want in stock please let us have your orders by -



10am on a Monday and  Wednesday
(Delivery Due The Following Day)



Stock levels are shown for each product.



2-3 days - Due in shortly so please go ahead and place your order.



Special Order - Not one we normally carry, but we are happy to order in for you. (Please note sometimes there might be a slight price difference.)



When placing your order you can select our Click & Collection option or our Local Home Delivery Service. Once you have placed your order, we email you as your order progresses.



If you are a new customer and would like a helping hand then simply give us a ring we are here to help Tel: 01271 850278.


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Herbs For Horses

Herbs For Horses

Herbs For Horses

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Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion LeavesDandelion roots historically have been used for the kidney, liver and the digestive ..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Dodson & Horrell Milk Thistle

Dodson & Horrell Milk Thistle Pure dried or liquid herb for nutritional support..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Equimins Nettle

Equimins NettlesA natural herb for cleansing the blood.1kg..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £11.99

Equimins Straight Herbs Chaste Tree Berry Herb (Agnus Castus)

Equimins Straight Herbs Chaste Tree Berry Herb (Agnus Castus)Helps with hormonal mares, rigs and sta..

£13.70 Ex Tax: £13.70

Equimins Straight Herbs Meadowsweet Leaves

Equimins Straight Herbs Meadowsweet LeavesHelpful to veteran horses. Aids mobility, joints and diges..

£13.99 Ex Tax: £13.99

Equimins Turmeric For Horses

Equimins Turmeric For HorsesA natural anti-inflammatory, Turmeric can help ease stiffness in horses ..

£6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99

Equus Health Echinacea Straight Herbs

Equus Health Echinacea Straight HerbsEchninacea is a well-know herb for promoting the immune system ..

£14.25 Ex Tax: £14.25

Marigold Flowers

Marigold FlowersMarigold Flowers Help maintain healthy skin. Also known as calendula ..

£13.49 Ex Tax: £13.49

Omega Equine Brewers Yeast

Omega Equine Brewers YeastOmega Brewers Yeast will help keep your horses and ponies in great he..

£7.25 Ex Tax: £7.25

Omega Equine Spearmint

Omega Equine Spearmint Equine Supplement Appetiser and Digestive SupportOmega Spearmint  ..

£10.50 Ex Tax: £10.50

Omega Equine Turmeric Extra

Omega Equine Turmeric Extra Equine Supplement For Healthy Horses Skin And General Good HealthOmega E..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50

Thunderbrook Turmeric Ground Root

Thunderbrook Turmeric Ground Root Curcumin (one of the active ingredients) in pure turmeric pow..

£9.25 Ex Tax: £9.25

Equimins Chamomile Flowers Straight Herbs

Equimins Chamomile Flowers Straight HerbsA natural stress release used in cases of restlessness and ..

£19.75 Ex Tax: £19.75

Equus Health Agnus Castus Monkspepper

Equus Health Agnus Castus MonkspepperAgnus Castus (also known as Chaste Berry) is the active in..

£12.75 Ex Tax: £12.75

Equus Health Chamomile Flowers

Equus Health Chamomile FlowersA natural stress release used in cases of restlessness and tension, ge..

£19.95 Ex Tax: £19.95

Equus Health Fenugreek

Equus Health FenugreekKnown as 'the conditoning herb', excellent for adding condition to poor doers ..

£5.50 Ex Tax: £5.50

Equus Health Spearmint

Equus Health SpearmintA food appetiser supporting the digestive system, Spearmint can temp..

£5.25 Ex Tax: £5.25

Baileys Garlic Supplement

Baileys Garlic Supplement Baileys Garlic is a powerful, highly palatable supplement for all horse..

£9.25 Ex Tax: £9.25

Lincoln Garlic Granules

Lincoln Garlic Granules 100% Pure garlic goodness in a granules1kg Tub ..

£9.39 Ex Tax: £9.39