New Sun-E-Down Straw Pellets Animal Bedding

Sun-E-Down Straw Pellets Animal Bedding  

A straw pellet ideal as animal bedding that expands and fluffs to provide a comfortable dry bed. Sustainably made from a genuine annual agricultural by-product but it also rots down significantly quicker than wood products, resulting in a smaller muck heap and providing a nitrogen rich compost. All bags my be recycled.

All products are made from the highest quality locally sourced straw, supporting British farmers.  Sun-E-Down Straw Pellets is a purpose made horse bedding well known to racing yards, event riders, polo teams, equestrian venues and yards country wide.

  • Super quick and easy to use.
  • Available on a pallet and delivered straight to your door.
  • Made from a straw crumble that fluffs, very absorbent and eliminates odour.
  • Suited to all bedding systems, including deep littering, great on rubber matting.
  • Very little bedding has to be removed each day.
  • Waste bedding rots down to produce great compost.
  • Provides more coverage than wood pellets because sun-e-bed weighs les
  • Does not need watering
  • Great for those with dust allergies
  • Can provide a deep, secure and comfortable bed.

15Kg Bags

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Sun-E-Down Straw Pellets Animal Bedding

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